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Want to deepen your practice of yoga?
Never done yoga before but curious to start?
Need a break to reconnect with yourself?

Join the Belgian Sampoorna team for a yoga weekend retreat at the beautiful Chateau Frandeux in the Ardennes. You will return recharged and rebalanced on all levels!

On the retreat program:

• Hatha Yoga – cleansing of body and energy system:
Twice-a-day hatha yoga practice with breathing exercises, yoga postures and deep relaxation. Suitable for all levels - beginners will receive special attention and advanced students will get the challenges they need to develop further. Special focus of the Hatha Yoga sessions will be cleansing.

• Meditation – cleansing of the mental system:
Guided and silent meditation. We will use the precious hours of the early morning to move towards the state of highest concentration and creativity by turning the mind inwards.

• Mantra Chanting – cleansing of emotional and energy system:
Repetitive singing of mantras, vibrational manifestations of aspects of the Divine - a very effective and beautiful method to concentrate the mind and to purify the heart. You don’t need to be a good singer to experience the power of chanting!

• Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound) – cleansing of the energy system:
Rhythm and melody is common to everything in nature, and we will explore sound vibrations by both listening to and producing sound. You will experience the healthful effects of sound on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

• Jnana Yoga (Yoga philosophy) – cleansing of the intellectual system:
“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of theory” but we must practice with proper understanding and purpose. During the lectures and discussions we will explore the yogic scriptures and concepts.

• Optional (not included in the price):
Personal treatments (massage, shiatsu, sound massage).

Hanna Summanen, Erwin Eknath Vanslembrouck and Gauri & Vyasa Ameeuw, all Sampoorna Yoga teachers (Yoga Alliance 500hrs) and direct students of Shri Yogi Hari.

English (Dutch, French, German, Finnish and Italian well understood)

Chateau Frandeux (

see here; starting Thursday 6pm, ending Sunday 4pm

see registration form.

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